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Where to download Wii Games:-

Many people wanted to know where do they start to download Nintendo Wii games, movies, videos and music for their Nintendo Wii hard drive.

The following three are a good start.



Unlimited Wii Downloads

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Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games reviewed.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games reviewed.

If your a games nuts, at one time you will have at least one or two games based on the Olympic games.

Mario and Sonic continue that theme, but with a colorful Nintendo flare. Most of your favorite Nintendo characters are available to play with each having certain bonuses in speed, stamina or strength. You can also select your own Mii to play the game as well.

You do not get access to all the sports at once but have to play and unlock new sports.

The available sports includes track and field, rowing, fencing, archery, shooting, swimming, gymnastics, dream sports and other. My best event is that hammer throw.

You can play individual events, or you can opt for circuits of 3-5 events.

The best way to play the game is against family and friends. You can have up to four players in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. And don't expect to win every race. My son humiliates me in the swimming and jumping events. I get revenge in the running events, archery and throwing events - hammer and javelin. The game makes the most of the Wii interactive remote and expect to break out into a sweat particularly in the speed events like running. Various events require different skills - some speed of movement of the remotes, others quick thinking on choosing the right combination of buttons, others are a matter of timing. Thus it will be very difficult for one person to dominate of the events.

If your looking for a really fun family and friends games with a bit of competition then this is the game.

Download Wii Games: Why People Are Downloading Online?

Download Wii Games: Why people are downloading online?

The traditional way to buy a console game is to go to your local store and paid a wad of cash for your game. The newer the game the more you pay - sometimes as much as $100 per game.

However those in the know are downloading their games online, why?

1) Cost

You can get games cheaper by downloading them online. Some companies in fact have just a one time fee. They have no packaging costs, no transport costs, no retail mark up, no advertising costs - its no wonder they can offer a discount.

2) Range

I don't know about your store but mine often sells out of particular games and never restocks. The advantage of downloading your wii games online it that they never run out. Also where older classic games short of hunting for them on eBay your games stores are unlikely to stock very old games. Download sites tend to have the older classic Nintendo games that you remember playing years ago. Don't miss out on your old favorites - download them online instead.

3) Convenience

24/7 the internet is open. That means you can download your wii games at any time with the only wait being the speed with which your internet connection can transfer data. Downloading Wii games online means you don't have to leave your home. This is especially beneficial for those who live in country or isolated areas or with limited mobility.

4) Durability

If you have a family and children, then you know the risk to your console disks. I'm forever reminding my children to put the disks back in their cases. Games are lost due to disk breakages, particularly with children. Downloading a Wii games online to your Wii hard drive means they are safe from this damage risk.

5) Choice

There are a number of competitors to choose from when it comes to downloading Nintendo Wii games online. They also offer movies, music and other download options.

Are you still stuck - old school - get updated and started get hooked up online for your Nintendo Wii needs.



Unlimited Wii Downloads

What are you waiting for - Max out your Wii now and start downloading.

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Star Wars - The Force Unleashed, Review, Walkthrough and Guide

The Force Unleashed, Guide, Review and Walkthrough.

Well after a short wait I've got my copy of the The Force Unleashed. I've finished it over two days. The Force Unleashed has been released on all platforms, meaning you can get it on the Wii, PS3, Xbox360, PSP, Nintendo DS and for that matter also on the PC. This review will concentrate mainly on the The Force Unleashed for the Wii (but many of the suggestions will be applicable to other platforms). The Wii though has it over other platforms already because of the interactive controls give you the feeling of one with the game - use the Wii Force Son, use the Force ..... seriously though if you want to force push you just push out with the left nunchuck - so much more fun than just pushing a button. Want to swing your light saber - swing the Wii remote.

This walk through isn't go to tell you every place to find a Jedi Holocron, or give you a full route map - but it will give you enough to understand and complete the game.

In the Wii game there are some important concepts to master they included Saber Lock and Force Lock.

Saber lock is when your light saber collides with your opponent's lightsaber. You need to overpower your enemy before they overpower you. Twist the Wii remote - like you would if you turned on a tap very quickly. Small quick twists are the key here - otherwise you will overshoot the position the remote needs to be in. Then once you are locked in punch out. You will need to do this 4 - 6 times depending on the strength of your opponent - and you will have to do it as quick as possible.

Force lock
is when your Force Powers connect with the Force Powers of your foe. Same deal as above but with the nunchuck. If you win you give your enemies a bit of a kicking.

Other moves
A button for dash - covers a short piece of ground in a very quick time - good to dash on your enemies with lasers to bring them into light saber range quickly. Z held and then punched to open blocked passages. Z held to pick up an object and then swing the nunchuck to throw/direct it. My Favourites - hold Z to lift up an opponent and tip your nunchuck upside down and chock your opponent to death. - C Button, once for a directed lightening bolt, Twice for two handed lightening strike (only available later in the game). This is a good way to clear out five or more enemies at once and can be done on the run.

There up a whole heap of different moves you can purchase when you get enough force points. You get force points by killing opponents. I just concentrated on upgrading Lightening and Chock to their maximum although there are more options than you can possibility unlock - some requiring a special combination of moves - I won't go through all the move on The Force Unleashed as when your in the Rogue Shadow (your ship) you can bring up information on the combination required for each power - needless to say most are a form of sith explosion, or light saber move.

Following the map is easy - head towards the green section. If your having difficulty finding it - try going up a lift or jumping up or down a level. Don't forget many new levels can only be reached by pushing open a wall, barrier, etc - but a "Z" will always come up if this is an option.

The story - The Force Unleashed - fits in between episodes 3 & 4 with appearances by Princess Leia (they should have used Carri Fisher's Voice), Bail Organa, Mon Mothma and others.
You actually start the main story as Darth Vader fighting the Wookies hunting down more Jedi. You find one and kill him. You then take on his son as your apprentice. Every level is similar - you fight a bunch of enemies and normally end the level with a battle against a "boss", either a Jedi, a Force User, a Rancor or a AT-ST.

The Rancor and AT-ST are hard to kill as they don't duel you in the traditional way, I suggest the best way to beat them is get to there rear and stay there - sniping away at their legs and giving them the odd blast of force lightening. They can't turn well so once your behind them its just a matter of wearing down the bar meter until you get to the Finishing moves - these are really easy with the Wii just punch out whatever comes up on the screen - if its a nunchuck punch out the nunchuck, if its a picture of a remote - punch the remote - ignore the arrows - it doesn't matter which direction - just punch forward. Once you become Darth Vader's apprentice you assist in locating and wiping out more Jedi. You go to familiar Star War worlds from all 6 episodes. The Emperor discovers Darth Vader has you as his apprentice and is none to please and commands Darth to kill you - which he appears to do.

Vader says he wants you to start a rebellion to keep the Emperor busy. You comply and started building a rebellion. Along the line you learn that Vader killed your Father and you turn to the good side and want to really start a rebellion. This consists of rescuing various senators and destroying some ship yards.

Once you've got the council assembled Vader betrays you again and says the whole thing was an elaborate plan to get rid of the Emperor's enemies and you are disposable as well. You escape, and go on to rescue the council - in the process you fight Vader and then the Emperor. Vader is tough, and the Emperor is insanely tough with a huge repertoire of force powers and he drops explosions of one kind or another and is quicker than you can possibly react - the only way to defeat him is ignore the force powers and just go completely spastic with the light saber - a figure of 8 motion from the wrist on the Wii remote gets some nice saber moves going, if you get to his back go for it as its the best way to weaken him - i.e. a stab in the back. You defeat but decide not to kill him - bad mistake!

You save the council and then ..... die - bit of a let down really and not the traditional way to end the game - but you have to make room for Luke Skywalker and his showdown with Daddy and it wouldn't be good to have you spoil it all by killing Vader and the Emperor right now.

Oh well your corny death inspires the symbol of the rebellion.

The game also comes with a dual option which means you can have fun fighting your mates. One move you must master press the A button and hold the Wii remote horizontal - 9pm-3am to block lightening. Once your enemy stops hit him/her with a blast of force push to punish them for attempting to electrocute you. Once you get past just sapping each other, and learning the blocks, your going to have to learn some kick ass light saber moves to win long term.

If you liked Star Wars - Jedi Outcast, or Stars Wars Jedi Academy - then you are going to like this game. Go buy or download your copy of Star Wars now.

Still buying your games from a store? - download them online and save yourself money.

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Nintendo Wii Latest Games - Force Unleashed

For all fans of the Stars War genre - the latest release due out today for the Nintendo Wii - The Force Unleashed is eagerly anticipated. I will shortly be picking up my copy and will give you a full review of the Force Unleashed for the Nintendo Wii.

Another Star Wars game - Light Saber Battles is also shortly due out and I'll give that a rave as well.

Recent Wii games that I've played include Lego - Stars Wars the complete saga (Stars Wars once again - I think we are following a theme here).

Lego Stars Wars is a great game for the family to play with the right amount of 'slaughter' of enemies combined with puzzles. If you get too stuck on a level there are a number of walkthrough's available online. Buy the complete saga - as it covers the whole series and generally follows the story lines of the movies with a few extra comedic additions. I found using lasers not as much fun as using the light saber so although you can play most of your favorite star wars characters I mainly stuck with the Jedi. If you carefully block laser shots you can return the shot back to the sender - in fact to defeat Darth Maul you need to block laser shots from his accompanying troops.

You will need both the Wii remote and nunchuck and the game is more fun if you play with two players. Some puzzles require two players working together in a team effort and rather than having to constantly switch between players - play with a friend. You run around defeating opponents, battling end of level super opponents and collecting numerous lego money, gold and hearts.

Apart from the 6 levels following the six movies there are a whole heap of bonus levels, and sub-games. Not every level involves just slicing and dicing through your enemies. There are a number of flying levels - including taking down the AT-ST vehicles with two cables.

Lego Star Wars proved such a hit that there have followed a number of other Lego games - including Lego Indiana Jones, and Lego Batman - look for them in future reviews.

Are you still looking for the best Wii downloads on the net? Get unlimited Wii downloads

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Downloads for your Wii - how to download

Downloading to your Wii. How to set up your Wii to download.

Many people fail to use their Wii capabilities to the max. because they fail to use the huge hard drive and run the internet option.

In order to set up your Wii so you can download all the goodies, like movies, music, games and more for your Wii you need to have a wireless internet connection set up in your home.

Most PC users, particularly those with a laptop will already have a wireless connection set up in their home. For those that don't you will need to buy a wireless router. You can get a good one for under $100. Don't go for a top of the line one that transmits to the whole suburb - just get one that will do your house. Most do an average size house with no problem at all - so don't get carried away. Setting up a wireless router is pretty easy - just follow the instructions that come with the box - you will normally have two cables - one from router to phone line/ broad band/cable line, and one from router to your main desktop computer. Importnant note - Write down and Copy down the WAP code when you set up the router (or you will have to hunt for it through your windows control panel => wireless => etc)

With a wireless connection in the house connecting to the internet with your Wii is simple.

Steps to connect your Wii to the internet.

From the main channel menu click on the round circle "Wii" button on the bottom left of the screen. This will open up Wii options.

Click on the Wii settings option on the right.

Click on the right arrow to bring up the second page.

This will bring up four options (parental controls, sensor bar, internet, Wii connect24). Click the third one "internet"

The Wii will start scanning for wirless connections. Choose your connection (normally the standard router name, or the name you may have called it "smith family wireless router" and the Wii will then want the WAP code (remember the one I told you to write down earlier).

Type that in using the Virtual keyboard and your ready to go.

Your Wii has a number of channels already build in - Weather, News, and Wii shop.

You will then to go to the Wii shop and buy the URL browser channel option (you need 500 Wii points - $15 about). You can get Wii points by either buying online with your credit cards, or attending your local store and buying a card with points on - a bit like a mobile phone pre-paid credit card). You have now set up your Wii as another internet browser (internet for your TV). Now time to make the most of it by downloading games, music and movies to your Wii. Just type in the URL address of download sites you have joined - this is much cheaper option in the long term than buying off the Wii shop channel.

There are a number of download sites available for your Wii and I will review them for you in later posts.

Here are 3 Wii download site leaders to get you started.



Unlimited Wii Downloads

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Rockstar game "Bully" for the Wii

Bully is another classic from rockstar games. Known for such games as the grand thief auto series, Bully follows many of the same missions but is set within a school yard. As such there is no firearms, no killing and some new interesting side lines.

Of unique interest is the best way to get your health increased to twice its normal leve .... You kiss - snog is probably a better description.

You can also increase your health in bully by drinking sodas.

Along with the boarding school theme you can get a number of weapons of a juvenile nature - including stink bombs, sling shots, spud guns, bottle rocket gun, itching powder, fire crackers, bags of marbles, eggs, paint cans and of course your own fists. This is where the Nintendo Wii takes bully to a new level over and above what other consoles can offer. You want to box on with someone - you box on, trust me you can get quite a workout. Especially when you fight in the preppies boxing ring for 16 rounds!!!.

You can learn a number of moves to increase your fighting abilities, including leg sweeps, head butts and the classic knee to the groin (having suffered this particular move in real life I am intimately acquainted with the damage and pain this can cause), so much better to leave this type of behavior in the virtual world.

Their are 87 missions that I've completed, most follow a central story line between you the main character - James (Jimmy) Hopkins and Gary Smith - a deeply disturbed young man and Pete your wimpy side kick!

Other characters in Bully include the Preps (yuppies), Jocks (large sporting types), the bullies (white shirt and jeans), the greasers (50's rejects), Nerds (if you don't know what a nerd is, its likely you are one), along with little kids, the bigger girls (the large chested ones ;), as well as the prefects (the ones who bust you and slam you to the ground and drag you off to the principals office), and the teachers. In town are police, adults, students and assorted losers.

As with most rock star games, bully has a number of maps that slowly open up to you as the game progresses. The main town, the upper class suburbs, the slums, and more industrial slums. Running all around this huge town would take ages, thankfully there are a number of other transport options including your always handy skateboard (and the back to the future ride hitch), bicycles, scooters, and the go kart. Once you have the go kart - this will be the only way you well choose to get around town as it is lighting fast. Get this by winning all the go kart races - it waits for you outside the front of the shop near you personal garage.

Bully has a number of 'collectibles', including destroying gnomes, collecting cards, rubber bands (which gets you a new rubber band ball weapon when you have them all). There is one difficult rubber band on top of a roof in town with no ladder to get there - you can't jump the gap from the neighboring roof top - you need to jump while on your skate board - a tricky maneuver, but I got it on the third go. Also 6 radios are collectible and you can trade them to a vagrant to teach you fighting moves.

The only annoying thing with the Wii version of the game is the camera control in some missions, which can be very tricky - you need to push the Wii remote hard at the screen and then aim it carefully - the designers could have used more sensible options to direct your camera - the camera is needed to complete some missions and take year book photos - or just happy snaps of your game.

Bully is set in a boarding school so of course you have CLASSES - with a variety of teachers you probably met some time during your school career - if somewhat over dramatized. The classes include art, english, chemistry, maths, shop, music, gym, photography, biology and geography.

English is the hardest and here is a cheat list for the Wii bully game.

English 1
Available words:- low, mew, elm, mow, woe, owe, owl, mewl, mole, meow, moll, well,

English 2
sit, its, fit, fig, ifs, , hit, gift, sift, fish, figs, fist, hits, sigh, fits, this, gist, shift, gifts, fight, sight, fights

English 3

lei, mil, lie, elm, slim, leis, miss, mess, semi, isle, less, lime, mile, elms, lies, mise, seism, slims, miles, limes, smile, slime, isles, smiles, slimes

English 4
arc, oar, any, cay, car, coy, can, yarn, cran, orca, roan, racy, cyan, narc, nary, cony, corn, rayon, corny, acorn, carny, crony, crayon, nay, yon, cry, ran, con, rya, nor, ray

English 5
egg, rag, rad, age, red, gag, erg, gar, dag, are, era, ear, gad, egad, dear, gage, rage, drag, read, dare, grad, gear, dreg, aged, gager, agger, raged, grade, ragged, dagger

Maths is no knock over either - calculate fast or miss out.

Gym is great to learn new fighting moves.

Music, art and photography are about as pointless as they are in 'real' school. Photography at least gets you a camera.

Shop gets you a varying progression of better and better BMX bicycles.

Chemistry enables you to cook up itching powder, stink bombs and fire crackers in your dorm room.

The main buildings in the school are the boys and girls dorms, the main school building - classrooms, cafeteria and principals office; the gym, the shop, the library, Harington house, the stadium and sports field and the observatory. Its easy to get around on skateboard - though jumping both sets of stairs to the main building requires pin point timing - but is possible.

Some interesting school asides - playing dodgeball, pulling the fire alarms, kicking the soccer ball again the wall and just making a nuisance of yourselves. You can hide from authority figures in bins, lockers and porta-loos until your heat level cools down - it you can't find one - just run, skate or drive away. Don't try to take on the prefects - I've managed to knock one out, so I tried the spud gun - I got two but the other two prefects nailed me.

Bully is a great game - all the rock star brilliance without the blood.

Other areas of interest - the carnival - lots of fun games, rides and ability to earn tickets. The seaside and wharf - to get that last gnome on the barge don't forget to use your super slingshot. The mental asylum, the clothing shops, tattoo 'van', barber shops, theater and comic shops, BMX track.

You can even pick up odd jobs and earn money making food deliveries, paper round and mowing lawns. You will need the cash to buy all the clothes to get 100% completion.

My only complaint about the game is the main story finishes long before you complete 100% and the world it so huge it takes ages to 'collect' everything. Occasionally the Wii controls - particularly in chemistry and shop are hard to "copy" exactly - you will see what I mean.

The best part of bully - boxing on, causing mayhem and kissing the girls. Funnest part - watching your girlfriends pull each others hairs, least funny part - being kneed in the groin by an upset girlfriend - both can occur when your caught out playing the field.

I recommend Bully as a must have game for your Wii collection.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wii Big Beach Sports

I was lucky enough to get my original Wii console package with three Wii games thrown in at the normal purchase price. Included in this was of course - Wii Sports, and also Big Beach Sports and Carnival Games. Wii Big Beach Sports comes with 6 games including Volleyball, Disc Golf, Cricket, Bocce Ball, Soccer and Football. The graphics is cartoonist. The Football is just a two player a side game which means your limited in play options. Disc Ball and Bocce Ball are similar - just "push-throw" the Wii remote and exert the right amount of force to get close to the target, it gets boring after awhile. The cricket is the best game of the 6 although you only control the bowler and batter in each innings and hitting a six and four is pretty easy. Judging a run is a much harder proposition and I found it was just easy not to run and hit boundaries, as every wicket loss is minus runs - just like indoor cricket. The soccer and volleyball are fun although the controls in soccer are difficult to master with you not controlling the players movements only the "kicks".

Wii Carnival Games is 25 mini-games set in a carnival atmosphere. Many of the games can also be found in your bigger arcade's - games like alley ball and ka-pow (knocking down clowns) should be familiar to all. If you like fairs this is just like one on your t.v., but without the expensive admission prices, the crowds and the month old food. It can have up to four player at one time so it a really good family/ social game. Winning games wins you ticket which you can trade in for various items/ prizes. The controls on the games are pretty intuitive and work well, although minute control is difficult on more precise games.

I don't know if I would have normally brought either of these games off the shelf. But with both of them having been thrown in with the original Wii console purchase I'm glad for the added variety they give to my Wii game collection.

Are you looking for more Wii games - you can download them off the internet.

Click the banner below to learn more.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wii Sports Reviewed

As most Wii console packages come standard with the Wii Sports package I thought I would start my games review with this one.

Wii sports comes with five sports.
  • Baseball
  • Bowling
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Boxing
You can play all bar the boxing with the controller that comes out of the standard package. But to play the boxing game, you will need the nunchuck. At least two controllers and nunchucks are ideal as this game is best in a group.


Apart from the Mii's having no legs the game is graphically quite nice. The game choses your Mii's as players first so you will see you own names coming up on the team roster first. It you don't know what a "Mii" is, you can generate them in the Mii channel so keep all the stats for yourself, family and guests. I have one for each family member and the Mii looks similar (i.e. the kids Mii's are shorter, slimmer, etc). The pitching in baseball is easy. Just hold the holder in your hand (cord attached to wrist for safety) and swing forward and downward - fast for a fast pitch, slow for a slow pitch. Pushing no button gives a straight fast ball, the "A" button a screw ball and "B" for a curve ball and "A" and "B" for a splitter (dropping ball).

Batting is even simpler - just swung the controller like you would a baseball bat. Timing is everything if you want a home run.

Unfortunately you can no longer steal bases as in the old Nintendo favorites, this and the fact the game is only 3 innings long are my only criticisms.


Ten pin bowling. Swing an underarm and hit the "B" button to release. My secret - hit the "B" at the very last moment - the ball will hit down and stay on track. This works until you improve to "PRO" level in which case you will notice the ball spins off to the side more. You can make the ball spin by moving your wrist while swinging.

I'm a much better bowler online than in real life getting scores of over two hundred. However the game is very realistic with bowling alley sounds, pins dropping and more.


Like the real game Wii Sports golf requires patience, timing and the right application of force. Up to a nine hole golf course with ever more difficult and challenging holes. The best bet is to be conservative in your shot selection and power it you want any hope of reaching a hole in par. Its also import in Wii Sports Golf to stay on the fairway as you have a significant penalty in power if you land on the rough.


This is the only game that is disappointing. Wii Sports Tennis is lacking the necessary control in the ability to slam and directing the ball it a matter of very fine timing. Also running the "Mii" over the court is difficult and slow, meaning you often are in the wrong place to even get close to hitting the ball. The two player game isn't too bad if you play with someone else on your team as you are able to cover the court better making up for the lack of movement in the Mii's.


Wii Fit Sports should come with a medical warning - see you doctor before you play, especially with the boxing because you will end up huffing and puffing. This is the most difficult to get to pro rating with the boxers you face getting increasing better. You will have to learn to dodge, weave and time your punch combinations. Its sometimes difficult to get the Mii to box as quick as you want, or in the place you want. I find making a side body shot particularly difficult. Boxers normally get back up after a knock down. Only a really good upper head shot combo while they are on the way down will keep them down.

Wii Sports also comes with a fitness and training option to test your reflexes, timing and power.

Its a great package to come standard with the Wii.

Wii Downloads

Wii Downloads

One of the things that sets the Wii apart from previous consoles is the ability to download off the internet. Thanks to the Wireless connection its not hard to get online. I already had a wireless connection set up for my laptop so setting up the Wii to download off the internet was a breeze. All I needed to do was hit the search for wireless connection on the Wii and then type in the WAP code and the wireless setting was connected. Unfortunately you have to pay $15 to get 500 Wii points to download the URL browser bar to turn your Wii into a full download machine. It will download off the Wii channels without having the URL browser but then your paying Nintendo company prices for your downloads if you buy off the Wii shopping channel, - there are a huge number of cheaper download options for your Wii. Click the picture above for an example.

In latest posts I will rate various download sites and how I found them in terms of price, variety and ease of use.

Uploading Photos to your Wii

You can upload your photos to the Wii Photo channel and use the Wii like you would have with the old slide nights. Just because you don't have a slide projector any more doesn't mean you can't annoy your friends with endless slides of happy snaps of your latest holiday with it all uploaded to the Wii. If you get sick of the Wii virtual keyboard you can even plug a keyboard into your Wii remote controller and type as you would for any other computer. To add photos you can just simply put your SD card into the the Wii console and away you go, mini and micro SD cards can be fitted with an adapter.

Why the Nintendo Wii?

Why the Nintendo Wii?

It was my birthday and my great wife wanted to buy me a console for my birthday. When she ask which one I wanted I said without a doubt the Nintendo Wii. She said she had wanted to surprise me with a Sony Playstation, but I said I wanted the Wii for not just me but for the whole family.

Its not that I have anything hugely against the Playstation 3, (I used to own an original playstation console and currently own a PSP - which is a great little machine), or for that matter against the Xbox 360 - my brother has one. Graphically even the Wii agrees it doesn't compete with the PS3 or Xbox in terms of graphic potential. The PS3 and XBox360 certainly appeal to an older market in terms of the games they produce. For example I can't get
Assassins creed (yet) on the Wii and its graphics wouldn't be as lifelike as the PS3 or XBox360, but in terms of playability, fun and all round appeal the Wii beats them hands down.

There a number of reasons for this.

  • Size
  • Price
  • Motion
  • Family
  • Add on's
  • History
  • Fun
The Wii is small enough to place just about anywhere. I've got my on the size of my big screen tv in the stand that comes with the original package. This is the so call upright position. You can also have it horizontal and sitting under or on top of the tv. When space is a premium you don't want a console that won't squeeze into your TV cabinet - I don't very much you will have any problems finding a space for the Wii. The motion sensor bar is small as well and very easy to set up.

At $388 Australian dollars the Wii was about $300 cheaper than the nearest comparable console - included in that price I had 3 games thrown in as well. Some PS3 people would argue but you get a blue ray disk player with the PS3 - but that would just mean more expense in changing over all my DVD's to blue ray disks - I'll skip that opportunity for now thanks. The Wii accessories aren't too bad in price either - a must have being a nunchuck that plugs into the controller. They go for about $28, but I got mine on special for just over $20.

When I first heard about the Wii controller motion sensor I thought it would be difficult to use. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Wii and the player become one. You swing the controller like a baseball bat when playing baseball, you chip the controller just as if you had a club in your hand with golf. If you box in a game you "box" the controller and nunchuck. I didn't want another console where I grew fat just sitting on a chair. No chance with that with the Wii, you can do your workout playing games - ITS GREAT. One game I played for hours on end with constant punching and a component of a 16 round boxing match had me ripping off my shirt as I was sweating from a serious workout. After a week of this you notice your muscles actually bulking up - its quite amazing and you hardly notice it your having so much fun - it beats gym fees and endless weights.

The Wii produces games that appeal to a family market. Whilst there are games for adults, the Wii has more children related games than any other console. The Wii sports that comes with the console package is a great way to spend time with your kids. Play ten pin bowls with them, baseball, and more. And trust me - my 7 year old is unbeatable in certain games - no matter how hard I try - thankfully I can also rely on a game of golf to restore a battered ego. My 2 year old even gets the motion concept of the controller so finds playing a game much easier than a solely button based controller.

The Wii has lots of cool add ons. From turning your Wii into an internet surfer, to the Wii Fit which turns your Wii into a home gym. Wii wheels, nunchucks, 'guns' and traditional controllers all these add on's create even more playing environments. I think the Wii Fit is a great idea and likely to lead to having to split time between playing and the wife doing exercise. Oh well - sharing is important. The nunchuck is a must add on and a second contoller as well ($54) - so figure paying out another $70 within a couple of weeks of first buying the Wii.

The Nintendo Wii has a great history. Nintendo being the original lead producer in the home console market. This history has not been forgotten despite the dramatic new direction Wii is going. Old Nintendo game cube controllers still have a port on the new Wii is you choose to use them. Nintendo has shown loyality to its traditional titles like Mario and the Zelda series while continuing to develop new software options. Old Nintendo favorites can even be downloaded to your Wii and stored on the Wii huge hard drive. This protecting the history means your games today have a long future with the Wii.

Most of you have seen the Wii advert where a cute bubbly girl represents the Wii and a nerd represents other consoles - the Wii argues although not as bright as the other consoles (i.e. less computing power), its more fun. I have to agree with them - the Wii is a fun machine, more than that - its a family fun machine.

That's my reasoning for why I went with the Wii - its a decision I have not regretted.

Nintendo Wii Fanatic Blog Opens

Nintendo Wii Fanatic Blog opens.

This blog is going to be totally dedicated to the Nintendo Wii. Wii games, Wii downloads, Wii console, Wii Channels and all things Wii.

And rather than being written by some one who writes without the experience - this blog will be dedicated to the Wii Fanatics - i.e. those who use and love the Nintendo consoles.

With this in mind this blog is going to be my own opinions on various Wii games, Wii downloads and a pleb's view of the Wii. I'll be taking advantage of how my own children find various games and how easy the Nintendo Wii is to use. I will review games that I use and add suggestions that I hope will help increase you enjoyment of the Wii.

I'll also look at various Wii accessories as I buy and use them.

I hope you enjoy the future posts which will come from my own first person experience.